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TradeFxAsia works extremely hard to protect the security and confidentiality of its customers, both while actively trading and at all the times. We enforce the strictest safety and privacy principles possible and are committed to fair, responsible and transparent trading.

1. Upon accessing TradeFxAsia.com or using any of the information or services the company offers, customers immediately confirm their willingness for their private data to be used by the company for quality and safety purposes. Clients registering with TradeFxAsia.com agree to provide the company with the necessary verification documents in order for their accounts to be fully activated. All such information is protected and safeguarded to the highest possible extent.

2. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all information provided is up to date, accurate and complete. Customers are also obliged to confirm upon signing up with TradeFxAsia.com that they are doing so for themselves and themselves alone, as opposed to opening accounts in the names of or on the behalf of others.

3. All data collection procedures at TradeFxAsia.com are carried out solely as a means by which to bolster customer security and privacy, which includes the collection of information disclosed directly by the customer and further information gathered by cookie placement. Only those who are directly involved in customer verification processes and account management will be granted access to the personal information provided by customers.

4. Unless required to do so by law, or as a means by which to investigate suspected fraud or illegal activity of any kind, your personal information will never be shared in part or in full with third parties under any circumstances, without your express written consent. This applies to both existing customers and former customers alike.

5. Upon registering for an account with TradeFxAsia.com, the customer immediately provides their full consent for all personal information submitted and supplementary information gathered with regard to their trading account, trading activities and profile in general to be used by TradeFxAsia.com, in full accordance with data protection legislation. Customers also accept that all communications between the customer and the company will be recorded and stored, in order that they may be used both for quality purposes and in the resolving of disputes.

6. TradeFxAsia.com is constantly analysing and enhancing its data protection policy, in order to ensure full compliance with all applicable legislation and law. The company will always work relentlessly to safeguard the personal information of clients and maintain their total confidentiality.

7. On occasion, TradeFxAsia.com may get in touch with customers either by email or phone, in order to pass on information about any products, services or general trading information we believe to be of relevance. We may also contact customers from time to time to inform them of special offers and promotions, which we believe they may be interested in. Upon signing up for an account, clients consent to such periodic communication as an integral element of our disclosed terms and conditions. Any customers who do not wish to be contacted by TradeFxAsia.com with such information may at any time get in touch with our customer service team and register their request. However, TradeFxAsia.com reserves the right to refuse such requests and does not guarantee the customer will receive no future communications from the company.