Trading Conditions

Trading Conditions and Charges

Spread and Pricing Options

TRADEFXASIA has pricing and execution options that are able to suit just about any type of trader. Execution and account types include "No Dealing Desk" execution, Dealing Desk, and Special Volume Trades spreads that include a commission cost structure. If you want to see spreads for TRADEFXASIA's currency pairs, you can register for a demo account.

Advertised Spreads

TRADEFXASIA has variable spreads. Spreads that are advertised might not be applicable. TRADEFXASIA works hard to provide traders with competitive, tight spreads. However, there can be instances when the market conditions cause wider spreads.

Execution Disclaimer

When you are trading Forex on either TRADEFXASIA's dealing desk or no dealing desk execution models, they are the final counterparty for these transactions. In both execution models TRADEFXASIA will aggregate the bid and the asking price from various liquidity providers. These quotes are displayed on TRADEFXASIA's different platforms and are the best available after TRADEFXASIA's charge has been applied. Many different factors are taken into account when deciding on a mark-up. The provider's quoted rejection rates, their network performance, the depth of their liquidity, and their overall quality of execution all play an important role. Using the Dealing Desk execution model, the company can act like a dealer on a few or all of the currency pairs. Backup liquidity providers can fill in whenever TRADEFXASIA doesn't act as dealer. Make sure that you are aware that TRADEFXASIA's Dealing Desk has fewer liquidity providers than their No Dealing Desk execution option. This doesn't guarantee that one execution option is better than the other but it is important to know.


TRADEFXASIA doesn't guarantee that their quotes, spreads, or prices will be better on one execution model as compared to another. Customers need to consider many different factors when they are deciding what execution type is able to best suit their trading style or strategy.

TRADEFXASIA is a great option that can suit many different types of traders. Become more familiar with their "No Dealing Desk", Dealing Desk, and their Special Volume Trader spreads as well as their commission cost structure. This will help you to make the right choice and make the most money with your investments in the future.