Market Signals

TRADEFXASIA Market Signals

Following the market is the only way that one can constantly be on the right market side. Information that is anticipated or known has earlier been factored into the instrument price.

The German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein said that a man is supposed to be looking for “what is,” he shouldn't look for “what he's thinking should be.” Usually, the price should be the only thing that tells someone the market direction, or "what is." The rest is opinions regarding what someone thinks should be. For someone to be successful, they should ignore the unending rumour and talk about the news event, economic projections, fundamentals, plus analyst opinions regarding “fair value.” Price tells all, price rules, and the price is the main concern for trend.

Do you depend on tips or rumours of split announcements plus other news tales? Do you always listen to opinions or advisory recommendations from market experts on TV? Where do you often get your information? Is the information proven? Is there some back-test tool or track record? Do you get unexpected random picks from anyone? Do you know anything regarding their risk calculators or control?

TRADEFXASIA Signal is a process that is fixed. You have to know precisely what you are getting and why you are getting it. You could test the historical signals then you can measure and calculate the risk on each transaction. The fact is that the market usually tells you exactly what it will do if you just know how to listen.

The TRADEFXASIA Signal doesn't just identify the major market direction but also nails large winning trades on stocks that have uncanny accuracy. In an economic environment that is ever-changing, investors need an approach that is serious and disciplined to market timing, trend following, and trading. Our mission is providing all traders with a system that is market timing as well as a trend following system working together allowing for trading success and greater investing.

Our application tool uniquely blends TRADEFXASIA Signal with investment strategies that are trend following. Our solution usually allows traders to benefit from markets, whether they are moving up or down, and regardless of the chatter and rumour.