MT4 Trading Platforms

It is with great pleasure that TradeFxAsia introduces Meta Trader 4. The MT4 platform is one of the most acclaimed online trading software on the market. It provides an incredible suite of services and options while maintaining the speed and reliability that modern-day traders have come to expect.

MT4 Desktop

While designing the MT4 platform, the architects ensured that it was not only useful for managing the client's stocks, futures, CFDs, and trading currencies; but was also useful for integrating their various assets and financial instruments. Traders are able to select the instruments in the Market Match window that best suite their needs to make for the most complementary experience possible. They can keep abreast of the current market through the numerous metrics and indicators which are seamlessly blended into the interface. Additionally, traders are able to further their success through the platform's integration with other analytical instruments such as Elliot tools, Fibonacci, and Gann. MT4 also has many additional tools which provide the user the ability to comprehensively manage their accounts. The Exposure tab provides an up-to-date snapshot of the status of the user's accounts; the History tab provides information of previous trades and any analysis reports the user has requested; the Company tab provides an update on current events that might impact the user's holdings; and the Market tab includes thousands of analytic features which will prove useful to even the most ardent of researchers. The MT4 platform can be downloaded for free from our website.

Meta Trader 4 Mobile

MT4 has meticulously condensed the core components of its desktop platform into an extremely simple and powerful smartphone platform which can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Through the interface's four tabs, users can check on any changes in the market, purchase new orders, set new limits, buy stops, stop losses, use our various graphs to analyse new data, view their account history, and much more. With this app, the client will be able to always be one tap away from any information they want and be able to powerfully respond to said information. Now our clients will never be unable to act on a lucrative investment opportunity again.

Web Terminal

Thanks to the efforts of MetaQuotes, the online platform is currently up and running. Now anyone with a steady internet connection will be able to connect to our platform on any computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux. The online platform merges the power and range of the desktop platform with the mobility and convenience of the app. It is the perfect way for those who are continually jumping computers and locations to be able to remain a powerful trader. Now any computer can be transformed into a top-notch investment tool.